Directly with me one to one!
We will have the time we need to clarify your doubts on any issue related to Numbers and Statistical Analysis!
You can also ask for and resolve your doubts around the world of statistics or ask about data you have in your hand or any theme you prefer.
You understand that you have a lot of choice on how to do it and together we will sweep out all your Numbers so that you will be truly and fully conscious the next time you go to the field to practice training to achieve every goal you have in your mind or read your statistical analysis!
See you soon!
I am very much concerned that those who ask for help and in particular my students understand every part of sight together and do not worry at all if it takes more than an hour!
Do not worry, we will not have a stopwatch to bother us even if we run out of time!
The price is the same even if we break!


on any topic chosen by Customer
(About 1 hour around One to One (Skype / Tel.)).


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